Terms & Conditions

I agree to the following ABM Terms and Conditions:

  • I understand I may use these leads as often as I choose, to promote anything I choose, or re-sell them. 
  • My Leads will be mailed to me by 1st class mail every 30 days as part of my ABM Subscription.
  • I agree to contact ABM if leads are not received by 2 weeks after “Debit Day” for a replacement to be sent. 
  • If paying monthly, I agree to have sufficient funds available each month on my assigned “Debit Day”.
  • If using a Checking Account I agree that $35 fee will be incurred for any of my checks returned as “NSF”.
  • I agree to contact ABM immediately by phone & email (abm@abminfo.com) if Any type of issue arises.
  • I agree not to initiate any chargebacks for any purchases with ABM with my credit card company.
  • I agree and understand there are NO REFUNDS.
  • I agree that Cancellation is to be made by Email Only (abm@abminfo.com) 2 days prior to my “Debit Day”.
  • I understand that refusing my order does not constitute cancellation.
  • No response ratio has been implied or guaranteed.
  • ABM will replace any undeliverable “Leads” returned to me 2 to 1 if I send them to ABM once a month.

By placing any order, I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to these Customer Terms and Conditions as well as the Affiliate Terms and Conditions below. I authorize American Bill Money to charge my credit/debit card/checking account on file, or ANY I Provided by phone, fax, online, email, or mail as per my order. And ANY order(s) for any additional marketing materials that I place, until such a time that I give American Bill Money notification by Email Only (abm@abminfo.com) to request cancellation at least 2 Days Prior to the next "Debit Day".
I agree to this Cancellation Policy.
(Monthly Subscription are debited and shipped approximately every 30 days from the date of this order.)

Affiliate Terms and Conditions

  • Affiliates receive compensation in the form of legitimate payment for the expenditure of their personal services, time and effort to refer customers to the products and services made available through ABM as per our Subscriptions pay plan(s)..
  • ABM Affiliates are not purchasing a distributorship, equipment, franchise, or any other legally identified entity.
  • Affiliates may not rejoin under or switch to a different affiliate sponsor, unless inactive for at least six months.
  • No other Postcards other than those sold by American Bill Money. Copies of Postcards are not permitted.
  • Flyers Not purchased from ABM Must be printed from the PDF ABM will provide you.
  • Generic tools are permitted if they don't include ANY of our wording or phone numbers, website, and must be approved by us prior to use.
  • All advertisements of any kind, must be approved by us prior to placement. Email us for fast approval.
  • No adding of anything to the ABM Postcards or Flyers. If you wish to convey your thoughts, use an approved cover letter.
  • Our office phone number is not to be used in any ads or placed on postcards, flyers, cover letters, or literature.
  • Our company web addresses are never allowed to appear in ANY email solicitation, only your own.
  • Unprofessional conduct, manipulation of any kind, or problematic personalities will not be tolerated.
  • You are not allowed to pay for anyone else’s order with your credit/debit card.
  • In the “Basic” Subscription, if any of your “Pass-Up” referrals (3rd, 7th, 12th) quits, or is terminated, they must be replaced as soon as possible. Each case is individually evaluated for fairest remedy.
  • You must be an active customer in good standing and “order current” to receive any commissions due you.
  • If you’re not able to be debited four weeks in a row due to “Declines,” you may lose your affiliation and ID # if not Immediately rectified with a valid payment.
  • You are not employed by American Bill Money and you will receive a 1099 for any earnings of $600 or higher for the year prior.
  • American Bill Money reserves the right to terminate any affiliate violating the terms set forth and maintains the right to add to, or change these terms and conditions, marketing materials, and compensation plan if and when needed. Any changes take effect upon placement on our website and become part of this agreement.
  • No personal incomes are implied or guaranteed. Your income will be determined by your personal performance and others. Also the positive and/or negative results of your marketing efforts, for which you accept full responsibility.
  • You’ve been made aware that there are faster ways to make referrals other than mailing only to mailing lists, and encouraged to practice and learn various marketing methods mentioned in the tips & suggestions provided to you each month.
  • You elect to become an American Bill Money Affiliate at no additional cost other than remaining a Active Customer of American Bill Money.
  • You certify that you are at least 18 years of age.
  • By placing this order, you’re acknowledging that you have read, understand, and agree to these “Affiliate” Terms & Conditions as well.

By placing any order, I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to ALL the American Bill Money Terms & Conditions.


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